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ފަންވަތް:Infobox Currency

ވިކިޕީޑިއާ އިންވިކިޕީޑިއާ

[edit] Template documentation

Just list the attributes:

Attribute Live currency Dead currency Must use with Mutually exclusive with Default value Example / Style
currency_name_in_local Optional Optional
Suomen markka <small>{{fi icon}}</small><br/>
Finska mark <small>{{sv icon}}</small>
  • All official languages of the official users (i.e. members of the "using_countries" attribute below) at the national level, plus all that appear on the physical currencies.
  • If there are users with incompletely sovereignty, such as Hong Kong, then take the official language(s) at the top level of those special administrative region, autonomous entities, whatever they are called.
  • It is better missing than to guess. It is ok to be missing.
  • In some languages, indefinite/definite articles are part of the nouns, such as the North Germanic languages. Use indefinite singular form. Example: Faroese króna. After all, you wouldn't write "le franc français" in French franc's infobox, right?
  • One line per spelling. Use language icons found at Category:Language icons. If hypothetically Australia, Spain and Portugal all use the Australian dollar, then the infobox would have
dólar australiano <small>{{es icon}} {{pt icon}}</small>
  • Use capitalization rule as if it is in the middle of a sentence in that language. For example, "franc français", not "Franc français", nor "franc Français".
image_1 Optional Optional
image_2 Optional Optional
image_title_1 Optional Optional image_1
image_title_2 Optional Optional image_2
image_background_1 Optional Optional image_1 (none) #000000
image_background_2 Optional Optional image_2 (none) #000000
image_width_1 Optional Optional image_1 126 / 252 A positive integer, no "px". See East Caribbean dollar, Polish złoty, Slovenian tolar, Chilean peso, Portuguese escudo, Bangladeshi taka, Cypriot pound, Romanian leu, Turkmenistani manat, Luxembourgian franc, and Falkland Islands pound for examples.
image_width_2 Optional Optional image_2 126
iso_code Required Optional Don't put anything if you can't find it. Not a question mark.
using_countries Required Required Italicize non-sovereign states, order them as appropriate in the context
unofficial_users Optional Optional
inflation_rate Optional Optional Do not put things like "(2001)" here. Use the next attribute. Don't put anything if you can't find it. Not a question mark.
inflation_source_date Optional Optional inflation_rate Wikipedia article
Sveriges Riksbank, August 2006

The World Factbook, 2005 est.
(prefer central bank data over CIA)

inflation_method Optional Optional inflation_rate CPI, CPI excluding real estate
ERM_since Optional Optional pegged_with (unless ERM_withdraw is present)
ERM_withdraw Optional Optional ERM_since Date (for pound sterling and Italian lira)
ERM_fixed_rate_since Optional Optional ERM_since pegged_with
euro_replace_non_cash Optional Optional ERM_since pegged_with 1 January 1999
euro_replace_cash Optional Optional ERM_since pegged_with 1 January 2002
ERM_fixed_rate Optional Optional ERM_since pegged_with "5.94573 mk", not "1 euro = 5.94573 mk". Use symbol if possible.
ERM_band Optional Optional ERM_since pegged_with "15%", not "±15%"
pegged_with Optional Optional ERM_* euro = 3 units. If the rate is defined that way, do not put the inverse rate like 1 unit = 0.333333 euro.
pegged_by Optional Optional Use ISO 4217 Code if the list gets too long
subunit_ratio_{1..5} Optional Optional Preceding subunit_ratio_*
Matching subunit_name_(1..5}
1/100, 1/20, 1/240
subunit_name_{1..5} Optional Optional Matching subunit_ratio_{1..5} Cent (currency), shilling, penny, and do not confuse centavo, centimo, centime, and centesimo. Link the subunit only if there's an article.
subunit_inline_note_{1..5} Optional Optional Matching subunit_name_{1..5} This is so small that it is not used in practice
Attribute Live currency Dead currency Must use with Mutually exclusive with Default value Example / Style
symbol Optional Optional €, £, $. Link to the articles of the currency symbols if exist (e.g. dollar sign, pound sign)
symbol_subunit_{1..5} Optional Optional Matching subunit_name_(1..5} ¢
nickname Optional Optional quid, buck/greenback, loonie/huard
nickname_subunit_{1..5} Optional Optional Matching subunit_name_(1..5} penny
plural Optional Optional plural_slavic, no_plural emalangeni (use this is the it doesn't follow English grammar)
plural_subunit_{1..5} Optional Optional Matching subunit_name_(1..5}, plural_slavic, no_plural aurer (of Iceland)
plural_slavic Optional Optional plural, plural_subunit_{1..5}, no_plural Put any non-empty value to enable the Slavic notice. See Russian ruble for example.
no_plural Optional Optional plural, plural_subunit_{1..5}, plural_slavic Put any non-empty value to enable the no-plural notice. See New Taiwan dollar for example.
used_coins Optional Optional frequently_used_coins, rarely_used_coins See below
frequently_used_coins Optional Optional used_coins See below
rarely_used_coins Optional Optional used_coins See below
This is the style guide for used_coins, frequently_used_coins, and rarely_used_coins
  • Use symbol if possible. But it has to be correct down to the position and the spacing. If you are not sure, fall back to the full name. Central bank websites are a good source for authoritative information.
$1, 10¢, £5, 500 Kč
1$, $ 1, 10 ¢, ¢10, £ 5, 5£, 500Kč, Kč 500
  • If the symbol is behind the numeral, then put the symbol after the last one.
20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 Sk
Not recommended:
20 Sk, 50 Sk, 100 Sk, 200 Sk, 500 Sk, 1000 Sk, 5000 Sk
  • Use the representation on the coin/banknote, e.g. if it says "100 cents", then it's "100 cents", not "1 dollar"; if it says "½ franc", then it's not "50 centimes"
  • Use ½ and ¼, not 1/2 or 1/4
  • If the list involves both the subunits and the main unit, do not add a new line after the subunit. For example,
10p, 20p, 50p, £1
Not recommended:
10p, 20p, 50p
However, add a new line with <br/> after the subunit if and only if the total number of lines remains the same.
10p, 20p, 50p
£1, £2, £5
Not recommended:
10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2,
  • Do not put "and" before the last one, e.g. "1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 yuan", not "1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 yuan"
  • For a large numbers, write like these
  • 1000 (no space, no comma)
  • 10 000 (with &nbsp;, not a regular space)
  • 100 000 (with &nbsp;, not a regular space)
  • 1 000 000 (with &nbsp;, not a regular space)
  • 107 (or higher) (use

{{e}} if the number doesn't start with 1)

Frequent v.s. rare
  • Smallest coins:
  • recently and officially phased out (e.g. 10 and 20 h of Czech koruna, 5 New Zealand cents)
  • not used in practice because of small value (1 and 5 South Korean won (maybe it's official now...))
  • Denominations in the middle
  • Ask yourself this question: if you are given change when conducting a daily activity, and denomination X is required to make a mathematically minimal number of coins and banknotes. Would you receive denomination X? This applies to US 50¢ (historical reason about silver stuff in the 60s) and 20 New Taiwan dollars (a new denomination lacks government support and campaign).
  • Banknotes that are being replaced by coins (I know this happens all the time, but I just can't think of one that is ongoing right now)
  • Large denominations
  • Ask yourself this question: does ATMs give this denomination. The answer is no for US$50 and US$100. This question also applies to denominations in the middle, e.g. ATMs in Iceland dispense 500, 1000, and 5000 króna notes, making 2000 krónur "rarely used"
  • Ask yourself this question: When someone buys an electronic that is worth several times of the largest and pays by cash. Is it more likely to use denomination X?

You might be thinking, "why do these simple words 'rare' and 'frequent' have to turn into these long definitions?" The bottom line is, these definitions have everything to do with the usage in daily life. And the issuance number quoted by the central banks/governments have little meaning in this sense, as a lot of them can be used for interbank transactions, hoarded by tax evaders and drug dealers (I hope this is not "daily life"), by casinos, and in the hands of foreigners.

And only utilize these attributes when you are very sure. If you are not, fall back to a single list where rarely and frequently are not distinguished.

coin_article Optional Optional United States coinage
used_banknotes Optional Optional frequently_used_banknotes, rarely_used_banknotes See above
frequently_used_banknotes Optional Optional used_banknotes See above
rarely_used_banknotes Optional Optional used_banknotes See above
banknote_article Optional Optional Banknotes of the Hong Kong dollar
Attribute Live currency Dead currency Must use with Mutually exclusive with Default value Example / Style
issuing_authority_title Optional Optional issuing_authority Central bank Monetary authority, currency board
issuing_authority Optional Optional Central Bank of xyz
  • If this exists in the infobox, remove duplicate wiki link from the article's "See also" section
issuing_authority_website Optional Optional issuing_authority www.ecb.eu
  • (do not put "http://") and it is recommended that you don't put the trailing /
  • If this exists in the infobox, remove duplicate link from the article's "External link" section
printer Optional Optional Central Printing Shop
  • Like issuing_authority
printer_website Optional Optional printer www.komsep.com
  • Like issuing_authority_website, if printer_override_with_original_text is not present
printer_override_with_original_text Optional Optional printer Put any non-empty value to enable "original text" of printer. For example,
[http://www.bportugal.pt/ Banco de Portugal]<br/>
[http://www.bankofgreece.gr/ Bank of Greece]]
mint Optional Optional Utopian Mint
  • Like issuing_authority
mint_website Optional Optional mint www.swissmint.ch
  • Like printer_website
mint_override_with_original_text Optional Optional mint Like printer_override_with_original_text
obsolete_notice Optional Optional Put any non-empty value to enable the obsolete notice. See German mark for example.
footnotes Optional Optional
If things get large, use

{{Collapsible list}} wisely.

Here is an empty one for you to start with. It has most of what you need.

{{Infobox Currency
| currency_name_in_local =
| image_1 =
| image_title_1 =
| iso_code =
| using_countries =
| inflation_rate =
| inflation_source_date = ''[https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2092.html The World Factbook]'', 2006 est.
| subunit_ratio_1 = 1/100
| subunit_name_1 =
| symbol =
| symbol_subunit_1 =
| nickname =
| nickname_subunit =
| plural =
| plural_subunit_1 =
| frequently_used_coins =
| rarely_used_coins =
| frequently_used_banknotes =
| rarely_used_banknotes =
| issuing_authority =
| issuing_authority_website =

Euro related

{{Infobox Currency
| currency_name_in_local =
| image_1 =
| image_title_1 =
| iso_code =
| using_countries =
| inflation_rate =
| inflation_source_date = ''[https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2092.html The World Factbook]'', 2006 est.
| ERM_since =
| ERM_fixed_rate_since =
| euro_replace_non_cash =
| euro_replace_cash =
| ERM_fixed_rate =
| ERM_band =
| subunit_ratio_1 = 1/100
| subunit_name_1 =
| symbol =
| plural = 
| plural_subunit_1 =
| frequently_used_coins =
| rarely_used_coins =
| frequently_used_banknotes =
| rarely_used_banknotes =
| issuing_authority =
| issuing_authority_website =
The following release notes serves as the official documentation of the development of this template. Please do not add to the list for minor fixes.
  • Don't need to copy the article name for currency_name anymore. It is now automatic
  • Added ERM_withdraw (for pound sterling and Italian lira)
  • Added subunit_inline_note_*. Use this if you want to display some explanation right next to the subunit
  • Added nickname, both the main unit and subunit
  • Added plural. It's nice to put this in the infobox. Use plural_slavic or no_plural when appropriate
  • More detailed style guide (the big table above)
  • New optional row inflation_method where the most often value is [[Consumer price index|CPI]]
  • The heading "Inflation rate" is shorten to "Inflation" so that it won't cause that row to be unnecessarily higher.
  • The line separators now touch the box border (i.e. they go all the way left and right)
  • Uses the same architecture as

{{Infobox Country}}

  • As a result, the style is more consistent with

{{Infobox Country}}

  • Most of the style is now the responsibility of MediaWiki:Common.css. If it changes, all infoboxes implemented with the common style will change. Again consistency.
  • Added the option of image background, image_background_1 and image_background_2.
  • When enlarging the font, the width of the box widens proportionally.
  • New optional parameter unofficial_users
  • Removed coin/banknote gallery
  • Added atms_dispense
  • Removed atms_dispense
  • Added image_width_{1..2}