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Featured Portals in Wikipedia

This star symbolises the featured content on Wikipedia.

This page highlights portals that are regarded as being particularly useful, attractive, and well-maintained. Of the many portals on Wikipedia, these featured portals are those which stand out. To nominate a portal to become a featured portal, please first see the general standards and then add the portal to the list at featured portal candidates.

Currently there are 62 featured portals. A small bronze star (LinkFA-star.png) on the top right corner of a portal page indicates that it is featured.


Biology and medicine[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

Geography and places[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

Religion[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

Science[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

Society[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

Technology[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

War[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]


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