ވިކިޕީޑިއާ އިންވިކިޕީޑިއާ

  • Use

{{pp-semi-protected}} for the normal template

  • Use

{{pp-semi-protected|reason=text}} for applying a specific reason

  • Use

{{pp-semi-protected|expiry=ޑިސެމްބަރު 19, 2023}} for a specific expiration date

  • Use

{{pp-semi-protected|small=yes}} for just an icon at the top

  • Use

{{pp-semi-protected|expiry={{subst:#time:F j, Y|+7 days}}}} for a specific expiration time period

Note that (UTC) will be added automatically.

This template is not to be used as a bluff. Only use it on SEMI-PROTECTED pages. Please note that only administrators can protect pages.

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User talk of blocked user:
Spambot target: ފަންވަތް:N/A
Sockpuppetry: ފަންވަތް:N/A
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