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{{{building_name}}} was the world's tallest building from {{{year_highest}}} to {{{year_end}}}.*
Preceded by {{{preceded}}}
Surpassed by {{{surpassed}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Coordinates {{{coordinates}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Groundbreaking {{{groundbreaking}}}
Constructed {{{constructed}}}
Estimated completion {{{est_completion}}}
Opening {{{opening}}}
Demolished {{{demolished}}}
Destroyed {{{destroyed}}}
Use {{{use}}}
Antenna/Spire {{{antenna_spire}}}
Roof {{{roof}}}
Top floor {{{top_floor}}}
Technical details
Floor count {{{floor_count}}}
Floor area {{{floor_area}}}
Elevator count {{{elevator_count}}}
Cost {{{cost}}}
Architect {{{architect}}}
Contractor {{{contractor}}}
Developer {{{developer}}}
Owner {{{owner}}}
Management {{{management}}}
References: {{{references}}}

*Fully habitable, self-supported, from main entrance to highest structural or architectural top; see the list of tallest buildings in the world for other listings.
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Documentation[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

{{Infobox Skyscraper
|building_name  = 
|image          = 
|caption        = 
|year_highest   = 
|year_end       = 
|plural         = 
|location       = 
|coordinates    = 
|status         = 
|groundbreaking = 
|constructed    = 
|est_completion = 
|opening        = 
|demolished     = 
|destroyed      = 
|use            = 
|antenna_spire  = 
|roof           = 
|top_floor      = 
|floor_count    = 
|elevator_count = 
|cost           = 
|floor_area     = 
|architect      = 
|engineer       = 
|contractor     = 
|developer      = 
|owner          = 
|management     = 
|references     = 

All fields are optional:

  • building_name - the name of the building(s)
  • image - an image of the building; this must be in wiki syntax (e.g. [[Image:SomeFile.jpg|200px]])
  • caption - an optional text regarding the building (perhaps an interesting fact about the building could be put here). If a caption is not provided, the template will use the year_highest and year_end fields to create one.

Include the following two only for buildings that have been the world's tallest at some point:

  • year_highest - the first year in which the given building was the world's tallest, according to structural height; this is required for all buildings that have ever been the world's tallest
  • year_end - the last year in which the given building was the world's tallest, according to structural height; leave blank if the building is currently the world's tallest
  • plural - add yes or something here if and only if the article represents multiple buildings (like the Petronas Towers); otherwise, don't add anything for this parameter

{{coord}} with "display=inline,title"

  • status - this should often be left blank, as the template will attempt to either fill in Completed, Under Construction, Demolished, Destroyed, or Never Built. To override the status added by the template, please assign something to this parameter
  • groundbreaking - the date (or at least year) in which groundbreaking for the building occurred
  • constructed - the years in which the building was constructed (e.g. 1996-1999)
  • est_completion - the estimated completion date (be as specific as possible)
  • opening - the estimated opening date (be as specific as possible); you may want to leave this blank if it coincides with the estimated completion date
  • demolished - the date in which the building was demolished
  • destroyed - the date (or at least year) in which the building was destroyed (be as specific as possible)
  • use - the intended use for the building (e.g. residential apartments, office)
  • antenna_spire - the height from the main entrance to the top of the spire or antenna
  • roof - the height from the main entrance to the roof
  • top_floor - the height from the main entrance to the top floor
  • floor_count - the number of floors in the building (indicate the number above and the number below, if applicable and known)
  • elevator_count - the number of elevators in the building
  • cost - the cost of construction
  • floor_area - the total floor area
  • architect - the architect for the building
  • engineer - the (structural) engineer for the building
  • contractor - the contractor for the building
  • developer - the developer for the building
  • owner - the owner for the building
  • management - the building management company
  • references - citations used for statistics; remember to enclose in <ref> </ref> tags

Units[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

Note that the localized unit standard should be given precedence. For example, skyscrapers in the United States should have their heights and floor areas in feet and square feet, respectively, with the metric equivalents noted in parentheses. On the other hand, Canadian skyscrapers should have their heights and floor areas in meters and square meters, respectively, with the imperial equivalents noted in parentheses.

Microformat[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]