ފަންވަތް:Infobox Beverage

ވިކިޕީޑިއާ އިންވިކިޕީޑިއާ
ފުންމަވާ: ސަމުގާ, ހޯއްދަވާ
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Product logo
Type {{{type}}}
Alcohol by volume {{{abv}}}
Proof {{{proof}}}
Manufacturer {{{manufacturer}}}
Distributor {{{distributor}}}
Country of origin {{{origin}}}
Introduced {{{introduced}}}
Discontinued {{{discontinued}}}
Colour {{{colour}}}
Flavour {{{flavour}}}
Variants {{{variants}}}
Related products {{{related}}}

Values[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

  • name - This comes to the top of the box.
  • bgcolor - The background color of the beverage name.
  • image - If there's not an image available, leave the field empty.
  • type - Examples include diet soda, liqueur, ice tea and soft drink.
  • abv (optional) - Alcohol by volume, f.e. 17.0% (everywhere else).
  • proof (optional) - Proof for alcoholic beverages (US only).
  • manufacturer - The main manufacturer.
  • distributor (optional) - If the distributor is not also the manufacturer.
  • origin - Country of first introduction or origin.
  • introduced - The year (or the date) when the beverage was introduced.
  • discontinued (optional) - The possible year (or the date) when the beverage was discontinued.
  • colour (optional) - The colour(s) of the beverage.
  • flavour (optional) - The dominating flavour of the beverage, whether this is a hybrid or a straight flavor.
  • variants (optional) – For any variants of the same product; a diet version, or a stronger tasting version for example.
  • related (optional) - Related products in the same category, such as other diet sodas or other liqueurs in the same tier.

Infobox[އުނިއިތުރު ގެންނަވާ]

Directions: copy and paste the infobox below into the desired article and fill in the answers after the equals (=) sign.
Note: some of the values are optional, see above. For questions or examples please see the talk page.

<!-- Infobox begins -->
{{Infobox Beverage
|name         = 
|bgcolor      =
|image        = 
|type         = 
|abv          = 
|proof        = 
|manufacturer = 
|distributor  = 
|origin       = 
|introduced   = 
|discontinued = 
|colour       = 
|flavour      = 
|variants     = 
|related      = 
<!-- Infobox ends -->