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Sets the type of this location, which will be used for the reverse mapping of the points. Type will set default map scale. If the default map scale is not appropriate, consider adding a scale:N parameter.

It is also used to select marker icons for the WikiMiniAtlas.

Types are:

Type Description Scale
country (e.g. "type:country") 1:10,000,000
satellite geo-stationary satellites (1:10,000,000)
adm1st Administrative unit of country, 1st level (province, state), see table, e.g. U.S. states 1:1,000,000
adm2nd Administrative unit of country, 2nd level, see table, e.g. County (United States) 1:300,000
city(pop) City, town or village with specified population. Commas will be ignored in pop. There should be no blanks. 1:30,000 ... 1:300,000
city City, town or village, unspecified population. Will be treated as a minor city. 1:100,000
airport 1:30,000
mountain peaks, mountain ranges 1:100,000
isle Isles, islands 1:100,000
waterbody Bays, fjords, lakes, reservoirs, ponds, lochs, loughs, meres, lagoons, estuaries, inland seas... 1:100,000
forest Forests and woodlands 1:50,000
river Rivers and canals 1:100,000
glacier Glaciers, ice caps 1:50,000
event One-time or regular events and incidents that occurred on a specific location, e.g. battles (1:50,000)
edu Schools, colleges, universities 1:10,000
pass mountain passes 1:10,000
railwaystation stations and stops of railway, train, railroad, metro, rapid transit, underground, subway, elevated railway, etc. 1:10,000
landmark Cultural landmark, building of special interest, tourist attraction and other points of interest. 1:10,000
Default scale: if no type is used or the type is not defined in the geohack extension 1:300,000

Scales in parentheses aren't defined yet in the geohack extension. type:state was withdrawn from the list.