ވިކިޕީޑިއާ އިންވިކިޕީޑިއާ
ފުންމަވާ: ސަމުގާ, ހޯއްދަވާ


This template is designed to convert a set of Swiss coordinates into either the corresponding WGS84 decimal latitude or longitude. It is intended to facilitate the usage of geodata (see

{{coord}}) in articles about subjects for which only Swiss coordinates are readily available. The template should always be substituted.

Usage example: To establish the WGS84 coordinates of Bern from its Swiss coordinates of 600'000 / 200'000, use:

  • Latitude: {{subst:CH1903-WGS84|600|200||koor=B|subst=subst:}}, which evaluates to 46.9510811111
  • Longitude: {{subst:CH1903-WGS84|600|200||koor=L|subst=subst:}}, which evaluates to 7.43863722222

Accordingly, {{coord|{{subst:CH1903-WGS84|600|200||koor=B|subst=subst:}}|{{subst:CH1903-WGS84|600|200||koor=L|subst=subst:}}}} is equivalent to {{coord|46.9510811111|7.43863722222}}.

This template is primarily intended for the mass conversion of coordinate sets in lists. For individual sets of coordinates, the online conversion tool provided by Swisstopo may be preferred.

For extended documentation, see de:Vorlage:CH1903-WGS84, from where this template has been copied.